AZBON and Kathryn L. Busby, JD: Extreme DUI Dismissed by County Attorney? How?

Perhaps THIS is the reason why so many nurses get by with DUI, extreme/aggravated DUI, or DUI with hit and run with nothing more than a non publicized/private slap on the hand by the Arizona Board of Nursing. It appears as if Ms. Busby has herself *allegedly* received an extreme DUI with what appears to be some *alleged* time in jail holding in 2013.

Interestingly the charges were DISMISSED BY THE COUNTY ATTORNEYS OFFICE. How? With a blood alcohol level between .15-.19 with a red light run? I have sources working on confirming whether these are the same individuals but the middle name and birthdates match…

Does the STATE BAR take DUI THIS LIGHTLY? Did they facilitate a possible dismissal of charges against Busby? If this is the same individual who sits on the State Board of Nursing, how is she allowed to hold a spot on this Board having committed an offense such as this? The AZBON touts its mission as protecting the public, yet Busby herself allegedly endangered the public. Arizona Board of Nursing Bio states she represents various healthcare providers and entities??? How does she “represent” them? According to the State Bar of Arizona Ms. Busby is currently on “inactive” status.  

Board Member McCormies advertising herself as an MD, Busby allegedly involved in a severe DUI and RED LIGHT RUN, past reprimand from the State Bar……who has Ducey appointed to sit on this Board of Nursing and what does it say about the standards by which he operates to protect the safety of the public?



kathy_busby (2)

Kathryn L. Busby, J.D

Board Member

Ms. Busby is a government relations consultant specializing in health care. She represents various health care providers and entities providing government relations representation and advice, and consultation on regulatory, contracting and other health care related issues. Ms. Busby obtained a Foreign Service BS from Georgetown University, Washington DC, and a Juris Doctorate from Arizona State University. Ms. Busby’s professional memberships include Board membership with Touchstone Behavioral Health and membership in the State Bar of Arizona.

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