“Everyday We Are Given The Opportunity…”

…to sign our names to history.


To HONOR our profession doesn’t just mean celebrating its history, its roots, its intentions or its past accomplishments. To TRULY DO JUSTICE TO NURSING as a profession means revisiting  our past, CONTINUING TO BUILD UPON ITS FOUNDATION, analyzing the strides that have been made as well continuing to look ahead toward the work that has yet to be done. We cannot HONOR OUR PROFESSION if we fail to acknowledge, recognize, or make translucent our mistakes, our missed opportunities for excellence, and our potential (both individually and collectively) to make the future of this amazing art and science the very best its ever been…



  1. shameless says:

    warning other nurses about NIKKI AUSTIN , Elizabeth Ridenour, Elizabeth Campbell, Janeen Dahn, Carolyn McCormies and other is a duty to others, Serviing fellow nurses and warning them of the evil doers , and then in the end they can make up their own minds.

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